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By providing professional level data management, data security and revision control technologies i-Memorize enables you to leverage your experience and knowledge to get the edge in both your personal and professional life.

i-Memorize provides you with the tools to capture, annotate, file, secure and share ANY electronic information whether it resides on your computer or on the internet.

Never lose or forget valuable information again and have it available to you like never before. The intuitive user interface and the professional level revision control capabilities enable you to grow your knowledge assets without losing control.

This is the perfect tool for anyone who values the preservation their own knowledge and experience to be used again and again  in the future.

The Document Revision Control mechanisms are virtually hidden from the user but provide valuable recovery functions for anyone who authors information from writers and graphics artists to builders and contractors and everyone in between.

i-Memorize Provides:

  •  Professional File and Document Management

  • Professional Level Revision Control

  • User Login and Password Management

  • Data Security Assured Using Proprietary Triple-Sec™ Security

  • Structured File Sharing Using Integrated Portfolio Technology

AND Ease Of Use !


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